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Victoria Crowe by Duncan Macmillan

Victoria Crowe

The first complete monograph on Victoria Crowe's work to date, written by the award-winning writer and art critic Duncan Macmillan.

In this lavishly illustrated book, Duncan Macmillan considers the work of Victoria Crowe from her early formative years at Kingston School of Art, through to her most recent commissions, setting it in the wider context of artistic thought. Covering 5 decades of painting, the insightful writing gives readers access to the paintings as they relate to the different eras of her life; The artist's studies at the Royal College of Art, her move to Scotland, the Kittleyknowe years and 'A Shepherd's Life' exhibition are all discussed, as are 'Plant Memory' (a series resulting from her visiting scholarship at St Catharine's College, Cambridge) and the impact of her travels abroad, particularly her time in Italy.

In the latter part of the book, the focus moves to the artist's most recent work, including a reflective series of Venetian pictures and a significant group of luminous winter landscapes. We also learn about a unique commission for a series of paintings specifically designed for a Scottish house, and a current project with Dovecot Studios for a tapestry based on a painting from 'A Shepherd's Life', thus a testament to the enduring quality of her work.

The book will be launched at the Browse and Darby exhibition in London in September 2012. It will also be launched in Edinburgh at The Scottish Gallery in December 2012 and be available from Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh; the Dancing Light Gallery, Whitmuir; City Art Centre, Edinburgh; the Antique Collectors' Club; and many other outlets.

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Victoria Crowe: Painted Insights

This book covers Victoria Crowe’s full range of work – landscape, still lifes, portraits, self-portraits and interiors. An introduction by an art historian and critic, illustrated by Crowe’s paintings, sets her work in context. Then follows a chronological path through her life and work, told in her own highly individual words but punctuated by the voices of critics. It concludes close in time to where it started, thus forming a cyclical link, a theme that runs a constant thread throughout the work itself.

This book has now been reprinted and is available from The Scottish Gallery, the Fleming Collection, the Fine Art Society, Amazon and the Antique Collectors Club.

A Shepherd’s Life: Paintings of Jenny Armstrong

‘A Shepherd’s Life’ focuses on Jenny Armstrong, born in 1903 at the farm in Fairliehope, who spent her life working as a shepherd in the Pentland Hills. In a series of remarkable paintings made over 20 years and based on close observation, Victoria Crowe pays tribute to the life and work of an exceptional woman. In spite of their different ages and backgrounds, the two women came to value each other’s company and it was through the shepherd that the artist learned how to interpret the surrounding landscape. At the same time, the paintings depict an ancient way of living that has been long in decline and which, at the start of a new millennium, may be finally disappearing.

This publication is currently being reprinted by the National Galleries of Scotland.